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Automate the Party Invitation Process with Text Invites

For any religious event, it is a good idea to send out invitations to inform your guests of the time and location where the event will be held. Many people like to send christening invitations or baptism invitations so that friends and family will know about the upcoming religious ceremony. It is a special day, and can be easily shared with friends and family by sending out text invites to notify everyone that they are invited.

Invitation Maker for Paper Christening Invitation?

The traditional way is to invite people to an event by sending christening invitations, baptism invitations, or baby show invitations depending on the type of event that you are planning. These invitations take time, especially if you aren’t using an invitation maker, because you need to make sure that each of the baby shower invites are perfectly designed and printed with the party information. Also, it takes time and money to drive to the post office so that you can mail the baptism invitations or christening invitations.

If you want to use traditional baby shower invites or christening invitations, then you might consider going through the process to design each of the invites using an invitation maker, and also include information about text RSVPs. When you are using the invitation maker, add a note in the RSVP section of the baptism invitations to let party guests know that they can RSVP to the party by sending a simple text message.

Another option is to skip the paper baby shower invites and use text invites instead. If you don’t have an invitation maker and don’t have the time to make the invitations by hand, then text invites offer a fast and easy way to send out the party information. You can send a group text to your friends and family with the information that would have been included in the baby shower invites or baptism invitations, and then they can respond to our text service with an event ID to automatically RSVP to your event.

Automating Invitations Makes Party Planning Easy

By using text invites or integrating the automated RSVP system into your paper baby shower invites or christening invitations, you can save quite a bit of time when it comes to gathering the RSVP information. It can be a pain to have to tally all of the responses that you receive from people who were sent the baby shower invites, especially after you spent so much time using an invitation maker to create the invites to send out.

Instead of wasting your time use an invitation maker and to gather the RSVPs manually from the baby
shower invites, a better option is to use text invites for the RSVPs from the baptism invitations. Any type of cell phone can be used to send the RSVP information because it is a basic text messaging system. Additionally, you can log into the website at any point to view the information that has been submitted by the people who received the christening invitations or baby shower invitations.

If you want to skip the invitation maker for your baptism invitations and test the process of text invites instead, then sign up for the Text RSVP free trial to see how you like the system.