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Are you in charge of an upcoming party? Whether you are putting together holiday party, engagement, bachelorette party invitations, or corporate events invites, you should consider automated features that allow you to easily collect RSVPs from the invited guests. Any type of invitation can be integrated with a text RSVP, so that guests can quickly send their RSVP information. Here’s how it works:

Integration with Corporate Events or Other Party Invitations

When you are putting together the design for your upcoming party invitations, you can integrate a message about how people can RSVP through the text messaging system on their phone. Especially with corporate events, everyone has a phone at their side at all times of day. After they receive the party invitations, they can quickly send off a short text message to let the party planner know if they will be attending.

This message is printed in the RSVP section of the bachelorette party, kids party, engagement invitations, holiday party, or corporate events invites. There is a unique code that is used for your event, and then invited guests can send that code when they text their RSVP.

Automating Bachelorette Party Invitations & RSVP Process

Party Invitations
When you are sending holiday party, engagement invitations, kids party, or bachelorette party invitations, you might think about skipping the paper invite and keeping it all digital instead. You can send the message details to each of your friends and family and include the RSVP information. When they receive your text message, they can copy-and-paste the RSVP details into their text message so that the automated system receives their response.

Every step of this process is digital, helping you to save time and money while you are planning the
party. We have seen this system successfully used with all types of invites, including engagement, holiday party, corporate events, kids party, and bachelorette party invitations.

One of the advantages to this system is the fact that the RSVP text message can be sent from any type of cell phone, and there are no requirements to have a smart phone or an updated phone that can use apps. Even older cell phones can send basic text messages with the unique RSVP code for your event.

As the party host, you can log into the website and easily see who has responded to your event invitations. This system is great for busy people such as those at corporate events or a kids party since the parents have a lot going on. You also might try it for smaller holiday party or bachelorette party, or even engagement invitations.

The advantage to using this automated RSVP system is that you can keep the guests updated about details for the party. You send out the invitations in the beginning, such as holiday party, engagement invitations, kids party, bachelorette party invitations, or invites for corporate events. Then, you can send out text message updates and information after they have responded.

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If you are putting together holiday party invitations, corporate events, , bachelorette party, engagement invitations or invites for a kids party, then sign up for the free trial of Text RSVP so that you can see how easy it is to use this system.